– NYC Doula Partners is now For Your Birth

Serving families throughout NYC Metro Area–

The doulas for your birth are all in one place. Right here. Our small team will have your back throughout pregnancy, birth, and those sleepless weeks of having a new baby. We work as a team to provide:

Labor Support for All Births and All People
We’re there to hold the bucket when you puke. Yes, there may be puking.

Breastfeeding Counseling
From the breast, the bottle, or both!

Postpartum Support
In-home help for the weary.

Private Childbirth Education

They were supportive, reassuring, and eager to come up with ways to assuage my
trepidation of childbirth and the aftermath as a first time mom...WE LOVE THEM. HIRE THEM!
— Sarah M.
Both [doulas] were always on call with any questions that I had, and I was really grateful for all of their guidance and support.
— Debbie
[She] helped me feel safe, confident, and empowered every step of the way.
— Emma
She was particularly helpful for my husband, to show him how to help and to let him know things were progressing normally.
— Anna M.