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The Essential Guide to Postpartum Support [eBook]

What happens in the weeks after your baby is born? We wrote this little guidebook so that you can feel ready for the postpartum phase of your birth journey. While messy feelings are a part of the experience, suffering in guilt or silence doesn’t have to be.

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There are a lot of voices out there telling new and expecting parents what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, and how important it is to prepare, prepare, prepare. And when you start Googling “childbirth” online, the voices only multiply...

We’re here to protect you from the noise. To help you navigate the information you need to make decisions about your own journey.

Naima and Michele began For Your Birth to empower growing families to choose their own adventure. Let our expert team of Childbirth Educators, Certified Doulas, and Breastfeeding Counselors support you in the unique way you want to be supported.


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We also offer on-call consultations with Naima & Michele!


Hear From Our Brave Parents

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I think Michele and Naima saved my birth experience.
— Brittan D.
We had the sense that Naima would be a highly competent and reassuring presence during labor… I’m not sure how I could have navigated the process sanely without her.
— Oliver B.
Michele empowered us. She gave us the knowledge and support to make the birthing experience our own. She was our advocate and encouraged us to ask questions, to be informed, and to be active participants.
— Katie S.

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