I had a truly wonderful experience working with Michele and Naima. As a newly expecting dad I didn’t always expect to be included in the conversations regarding birth, post-natal care and care for my wife, Rosalba and I was pleasantly surprised to not only be included but

strongly encouraged and welcomed to participate in the conversation regarding our path towards parenthood and the journey thereafter. Michele and Naima both were flexible in their schedules to meet with us throughout our time working together, which I imagine is not always easy when you are on call 24/7.

All of our fears were not cast aside or invalidated but taken head on for us to work through with Naima and Michele. Not everything went as we had planned during labor or post-partum and with every challenge both Naima and Michele were there to support us and to also use those experiences as teachable moments.

My experience with both Naima and Michele was refreshing because I felt so comfortable when we worked together, talking about birth in preparing and going through birth as a partner and afterwards. We were fast friends and they also created a safe space regardless of whatever was going on in the background.

I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking a doula(s) in the 5 boroughs – you will be well taken care of, respected and most of all truly cared for throughout the process and there is no $ value you can place on this kind of support.

Mayumi Ando