Michelle T.

Can’t say enough about Michele and Naima, they are an amazing team!

Our first meeting with Michele was informative and she really put us at ease about what we were hoping for in our “birth plan,” and we instantly clicked with her energy, warm disposition, and wonderful hilarious humor.

We then met Naima who was equally warm and kind, and very knowledgable.  Our pre-natal meetings were really great with both of them, and they really devote their time to their clients.  Any time I had a question they were there!  Michele gave some great breastfeeding tips, which was great for those first weeks with baby, and Naima talked to us about what we wanted out of our labor and answered a lot of our questions.  I thought I was going to go into labor early, and one night I had cramping and just let them know as an FYI, and Michele called immediately to check in and see how I was doing, and offer advice.

Naima was on call when I actually did go into labor, and my husband found her comforting when he checked in with her to let her know how I was progressing.  My goal for labor was to stay at home as long as possible (to avoid unnecessary medical interventions at the hospital), so when Naima came over, and I asked to go to the hospital, she suggested that we get into the tub and try to labor a little longer.  I’m SO glad she suggested that, because i was able to get to the hospital at 8cms dialated!  all through the help of my husband and Naima working together to keep me breathing and focused.  Naima knew i what i needed without me having to ask, and also retreated to the background so my husband and I could be in the experience together.  I truly had a wonderful labor, and I thank Naima for a lot of that.

And post labor both have been incredibly helpful and supportive.  Could not have asked for anything more in our labor process.  And already planning on hiring them for baby #2!

Mayumi Ando