Curtis H.

In a word, Amazing!

This is my first child so of course I had no clue what I was getting into, I was just excited. After the initial sessions, Naima and Michele had us organized and confident. Even though we didn’t end up having everything happen the way we planned, they still has us covered. Looking back now, I’m not sure I was really prepared but I think every time I might have been a little lost or unsure, Naima was there to give a few gentle directions that made seem like a pro! In the end I was able to give my girlfriend all the support she needed while successfully quelling my nerves.

Dads, I recommend that you sit through the session with Michelle on breast feeding, it didn’t appear necessary to me at first but believe me, it is important that dads know that information as well. As for the session itself, I guarantee that it will be entertaining, Michele miming a baby is not to be missed, sorry Michele, had to put that in 😉.  It was funny as hell at the time but oh so accurate now! She has the faces and the behaviour down to a science!

All in all, I would recommend them anyone, we learned a lot, we got, and we are still getting great support and they demystified a lot of things about the process and made it so much more enjoyable for me and my girlfriend.

Hire them!


Mayumi Ando