Lucy M.

We feel so lucky and blessed to have had Naima and Michele work with us for the birth of our lovely baby, V! The prenatal visits from each of the ladies were informative, reassuring and fun.

Our birth was the total opposite of what we planned. We were sent in for an induction following a routine appointment. So our plan of laboring at home (maybe with a walk in the park) and then popping into the birthing center for a few hours at the end was immediately thrown out the window.

Naima was there with us through the ensuing long, long labor, the pushing from all different angles and then the emergency c section 40 hours later. I know that might sound very traumatic
but it was a truly peaceful and beautiful experience. It was hard work (for everyone!) it was stinky and messy but it was always peaceful. Naima was essential in making this experience so special. She helped as we made decisions, advocated for us with the staff and helped us manage emotionally the many different hurdles that appeared in the journey. She provided
excellent physical support whilst I was laboring, massage, pacing the halls, helping me breathe. She provided support to my wife ensuring that she got as much rest as she could during the long process.

It was also amazing to have both Naima and Michele visit us after the birth.

Partner’s view: I loved how Naima was so calm and supportive, but unobtrusive in this very intimate space. It was great to have someone there to help me help Lucy. She was practical and kind. Her Mary Poppins bag of tricks was fantastic, so many helpful bits and bobs that made such a huge difference at different points of the birth process. Both Lucy and I were so so happy to have had Naima with us as we welcomed V to the world.

Michele visited a couple of days after we got home. As well as it being lovely to see her I really valued her assistance showing me how I could help Lucy succeed in breastfeeding.

Mayumi Ando