Naima was a wonderful doula. Our baby arrived one month early, so I hadn’t even had a chance
to have my prenatal meetings and I had not even met Naima in person yet. (Michele was the one scheduled to attend my birth, but because of the unexpected early labor, Naima attended instead.) She was a truly calming presence and knew exactly how to help my labor along, which I believe helped me dilate quickly (I got to full dilation in a couple of hours, and no one on the hospital staff could believe I’d progressed from 1 cm to 9.5 cm as quickly as I did). Naima’s massages on my lower back were instrumental in helping me through transition, which was so excruciating. Overall, she helped contribute to a wonderful, though of course challenging, birth experience.

Michele also helped me during a trying episode during my third trimester; her reassuring words and empathy really got me through an awful day of pain. Postpartum, she taught me hand-expression and the side-lying hold which made the night feedings in the early weeks so much easier. Both were always on call with any questions that I had, and I was really grateful for all of their guidance and support.

Mayumi Ando