Here and Now

Naima Beckles and a client sit down with Sandra Bookman to discuss For Your Birth and the importance of postpartum care.

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Interview with Naima Beckles

Co-founder Naima Beckles tells Karen Hunter about a 36+ hour birth.

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Naima Beckles: Doula and Childbirth Expert

“We have an unrealistic expectation when it comes to childbirth,” Beckles told the Amsterdam News. “We expect it to be like the movies, where the mother’s water breaks and after three pushes the baby is born. But that’s not the case at all. Mothers can be in labor for hours and it is important for any expecting parents to be mentally prepared.”

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OPEN: For Your Birth

Host Rhina Valentin sits down with For Your Birth co-founder and doula Naima Beckles to inform the viewers on the benefits of having a birth and postpartum doula. Beckles tells her story and explains what inspires her to help other women through their journey of becoming a parent.

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Positively Black: For Your Birth

Naima Beckles, co-founder of For Your Birth, talks about the network to support black mothers through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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Interview with WURD radio

Naima Beckles, co-founder of For Your Birth, shares insights into the alarming statistics regarding Black women and injury or death following childbirth, and why much more advocacy for doula care and medical intervention is necessary to improve outcomes.

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Get Well Wednesday: When A Doula is A Lifesaver

A conversation with Naima Beckles about the high rates of maternal mortality among women of color. Including an in-depth look at the health benefits of having a doula during birth and post-partum. 

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Doula 911: Saving Black Moms Before & After Delivery

Karen Taylor-Bass sits down with Naima Beckles to discuss the role doulas can play in reducing maternal mortality rates among black women.

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On Maternal Death Rates, Postpartum Care & Trusting Your Body: A Q&A With A Black Doula

Keyaira Kelly interviews Naima Beckles on the ins and outs of doula work. They also discuss the higher maternal mortality rate for black women and what we can do to change that. 

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The More You Know, Mama: 5 Things To Know About Doulas, From A Doula

Victoria Uwumarogie in discussion with Naima Beckles about doulas, what to expect from doula care, and postpartum doula support.

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Taking Black Mothers by the Hand

Cecilia Butini in discussion with Bailey Rollins, a doula who often works with For Your Birth on poor maternal outcomes for women of color and how doulas are helping to reverse the trend.

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