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For Your Birth is honored to collaborate with award winning documentary filmmaker and NYC mom, Melissa A. Gomez, to bring an exciting new offering to NYC-area families: cinematic mini “day in the life” documentaries.

A mini-documentary is a one-of-a-kind professionally filmed and edited short film that captures the special moments in your family’s life and preserves a slice of your family’s unique story.

It is a living work of art that combines footage filmed in intimate settings, with a thoughtful soundtrack that reflects your family’s personality.

You know that the time will go by quickly! Let us create a beautiful original work of art that will serve as a time capsule, and be shared within your family for generations to come.

"The visuals [Melissa] captured told the story of that moment in our lives, far more powerfully than any still photograph.”- Vanessa


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Getting to know your family before filming begins is a crucial part of the filmmaking process. Over an initial consultation call and a follow up video call, you’ll get to know the filmmaker, discuss your family’s personality and the meaningful moments that you want preserved. Details from these calls will inform a one-of-a-kind cinematic portrait of your family’s life – including the joy, challenges, and the messiness of it all.

Using a documentary “fly on the wall” approach, Melissa’s filming sessions are a stress-free experience: you’ll never be asked to “tidy up”, nor will your family be directed or staged in any situations for the camera. Instead, the camera exists as an unobtrusive, privileged observer while your family’s life unfolds naturally and spontaneously in your everyday surroundings.

“Melissa put us all totally at ease, and produced a video that not only captures moments, but that captures the essence of our home… We feel so grateful that Melissa found such a beautiful way to document that time in our life.”- Amanda

"[Melissa's] discreet presence and pleasant personality allowed her to blend naturally into my family’s routine, and the result speaks for itself.” - Katerina



Starting at $1,550, the basic “day in the life” mini documentary package gives your family a 2-hour filming session and a 4-minute mini documentary edited to music.

You can also choose from the following options to design a customized package that fits your family’s lifestyle and budget:

•  Half-day filming sessions

•  Full-day filming sessions

•  Multiple filming sessions capturing your family’s growth over time

•  Maternity filming sessions

•  Home birth filming sessions

•  Editing existing home video footage

•  Gift certificates

Meet the Filmmaker: Melissa A. Gomez


Melissa’s documentary film work with families was inspired by the birth of her son and her own life-changing journey into motherhood. Through her mini documentaries, she strives to show “just how indescribably beautiful the totality of the parenthood journey really is - the mess, the chaos, the joy, and the wonder of it all”.

Melissa’s professional background includes working with renowned documentary filmmakers including Ralf Schmerberg at Radical Media, Academy Award nominated directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady at Loki Films, and Academy Award winning director Alex Gibney at Jigsaw Productions. In her personal work, Melissa directed and produced the feature-length documentary, Silent Music, a portrait of her own deaf family which won Best Documentary and Audience Choice Awards at various film festivals across North America.


"Melissa produced the most beautiful, humorous, and loving account of a day in our crazy new life... the final product truly feels like a special story with the babies as protagonists and all the characters playing an important role (including our four year old)." – Natalia

"Melissa made a day of filming feel like the most natural thing in the world... days can pass in a blur — but thanks to Melissa, we will have crystal-clear memories of Alden’s early days.” – Zach

“Melissa has such a gentle and calming presence that neither [my husband or I] felt self-conscious or awkward while being filmed…[it’s] a testament to Melissa and her skill as a documentary filmmaker.” - Lotus